Meditation Experience

Thursday, March 1, 2012

To successfully transform something waste into something powerful is to remain light

To successfully transform something waste into something powerful and meaningful is to look beyond the situation and see what it has to teach. When there is the ability to do this, there is the ability to go-on in-spite of the most challenging obstacles. There is the deep understanding that nothing happens without a purpose. There is no time or energy wasted in wasteful company.

When I understand the significance of everything that happens, I am able to transform in a second. So I am able to remain light because, I am able to put in sincere effort and free myself from the burden of waste. I also find that there is no problem in my relationships too, as I am able to understand others, and behave accordingly.

Monday, May 23, 2011

To end waste means to be free from defeat


The one with faith in the intellect always remains at a distance from waste, whether it is waste thoughts, waste words or waste actions. To move away from waste means to be victorious. The one who is free from waste is busy with the positive and useful. Such a person is constantly searching for solutions and trying to make the best out of the situation.


It is because of waste that I sometimes experience defeat and sometimes victory. If I am able to finish waste, I am able to finish defeat. Because whatever the situation may be, however challenging it may be, if I am able to finish waste I am able to recognize the benefit that is merged within it and so I am able to experience being constantly victorious.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

True effort lies in maintaining inner self-respect

When there is no self-respect it becomes difficult to recognize and use one's own potentials. So whatever little effort is put is only to show off to others and to seek their approval. So this further increases such dependency on others. Slowly all effort put in is only to prove to others and hardly any effort is put in for the self. So such effort doesn't contribute to real progress.

When there is an awareness of my inner potentials and capabilities, and I am in my state of self-respect, I am able to use them for my own progress. As there is the satisfaction of my progress, there is no dependency on the others for approval or encouragement. I can make effort with my inner freedom. There is lightness and enjoyment in whatever I set out to do, and I find quick and easy change.

Kites for Peace, Blossoms Kite Festival, Washington DC, April 2011

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Meditation Museum at Blossom Kite Festival- Picture1

Meditation Museum at Blossom Kite Festival- Picture2

Kites for Peace is an initiative brought to you by the Washington DC Branch of the Brahma Kumaris. Since 2008 Kites for Peace has connected children and adults across the globe. Children in the U.S. decorate kites with messages of peace and compassion as gifts for children in places of distress around the world. Visit and see the faces of children in Iraq, Niger, and the Republic of Georgia flying their Kites for Peace.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The one who is generous gets everything and is yet free from desires

Expression: When you are generous you have no expectations from others or situations. Then you are able to appreciate all the good things that life brings to you. Also the more you are able to be beyond desires, the more you find that what is right comes to you.

Experience: When you find yourself expecting something, tell yourself that you will surely get what is right for you. So you don't need to ask for anything, but enjoy and use everything that comes your way for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

Monday, April 18, 2011

To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward

There are so many things of the past that keep coming up in the mind again and again. Instead of being like birds holding on to the branches of the past; the one who looks at the clear sky gets the inspiration to move forward. To look at the clear sky means to look at the present moment and make the best use of it.

The ability to free myself from the negative influences of the past enables me to have a vision of equality. I will then not be judging others on what my past experiences with them are. I also find myself experiencing the benefit of each and every moment. So I experience constant progress.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The method to bring about change is forgiveness

Forgiveness means to have good wishes, cooperation, love, respect and faith. This becomes like a blessing for the one who needs to bring about change. Words spoken will then be powerful and easy. This will naturally bring faith in the other person in order to bring about natural transformation.

When I give only correction I forget to forgive. But when I first forgive I am able to remain cool and easy. I am also able to forget the intensity of the mistake. So when I forgive and forget in this way, my forgiveness itself becomes a correction for the other person.